A reliable partner in offshore projects

C&D Snickeri is Sweden’s most distinctive design joinery. We specialize in custom interiors for the offshore industry, public buildings, offices and private homes. We are innovators in the processing of new materials in modern joinery production and our goal is to improve our clients ideas through creative collaboration. We deliver complete solutions – from measurement to production and assembly of objects.

Workflow according to Suppliers Document List (SDL)

Assignments for the offshore industry is more demanding regarding the structure, documentation, and quality. C&D Snickeri has extensive experience in offshore projects and we are very familiar with the workflow according to SDL:

Delivery Plan in conjunction with the order
• Establishment of quality plan
• Establishment of delivery plan
• Warranties
• Contact lists
• Technical specifications
• Procedure for installation
• Maintenance instructions
• Spare Parts Lists
• Drawings
• Test reports
• Weight Reports
• Traceability of materials
• Certificates: CE, eco-labels and so on.

Internal flow that ensures quality and delivery

C&D Snickeri works according to an internal process-oriented workflow. The work follows a carefully crafted plan of different process steps. Between these steps are gates – a control system where different criteria must be met before the process continues to the next step. Our method allows us to ensure that the work is done in a proper order, in a quality safe and effective way. It involves all staff in the various working groups – working under the vision we call ”Right from me.”

Competent and personal service at hand

All offshore projects are generally personnel consuming and C&D Snickeri is one of the largest joinerys in Sweden. Our experience still is that the personal service from our side is important for our clients. Therefore there is always a project manager from C&D Snickeri which monitors and follows the work during the entire process – from calculation and preparation to production and installation on the object.


Specialists in processing advanced materials

C&D Snickeri specializes in interior design for offshore projects. We have the experience of working with light weight materials, fire resistant materials, composite, sound-proofed materials and other components not usually treated in the woodworking industry. We can deliver parts of interior solutions or entire design concepts and we can perform the installation on the object as long as it still is on land. We have extensive experience in the delivery of complex interiors via boat, plane and vehicle and experience of synchronizing our delivery and installation with other contractors involved in the projects. C&D Snickeri has completed assignments on some of the world’s most modern offshore projects, for example living quarters to Norwegian Ekofisk, Troll, Kristin etc.

And a competent network that makes us even stronger

C&D Snickeri has for almost 25 years earned a network of suppliers that can complement our skills and capabilities in specialized areas – such as interior, metal, textiles, etc. We have chosen these partners in our immediate area in order to ensure quality and delivery times. The proximity means, in addition to environmental factors, that our clients can visit our suppliers and feel full security throughout the production chain.